National Research Saratov State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky
National Research University Higher School of Economics
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation

V International Youth Research and Practice Conference

Mathematical and Computer Modelling
in Economics, Insurance and Risk Management

Program committee:

  • V. S. Mkhitaryan, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of Statistics, Data Analysis and Demography Department of NRU Higher School of Economics (Chairman);

  • V.. Balash, Doctor of Economics, Professor of Department of Mathematic Economics of SSU (Saratov);
  • E. A. Kolomak, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Sector of inter-regional National Economic Problems Head of FSBIS Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of Siberian Branch of the RAS;
  • Paresh Date, Professor (Brunel University, UK);
  • S. P. Sidorov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Head of SSU Institute of Risks (Saratov).